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Solar System Installation

Making the switch to solar energy for your home or business is a smart investment. Not only will you be making a positive impact on the environment, you will also save money over time. 

Evo Energy is a leading solar installation company for a reason. We are committed to making your transition to energy independence seamless

We offer customized installation packages that will compliment the aesthetics of your home, meet your needs, and your budget. Simply request your free quote below to get started or click the chat tool to speak with a customer service representative. 

Minimize your carbon footprint based on your budget.

Evo Energy offers two Solar Installation Packages to meet your needs.  


Standard Solar Package

  • Cost Effective Panels

  • Efficient Energy Production

  • Reliable Technology

  • Long-term Warranty


Premium Solar Package

  • High Wattage Panels

  • Maximum Efficiency

  • Superior Aesthetics

  • Free One Year Cleaning Service 

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Roof Repair

If you're planning to have a solar system installed, it's a good idea to assess the condition of your roof. On occasion repairs are needed to support the solar panels and prevent more costly repairs in the future.

Evo Energy has you covered! We will inspect your roof and handle any necessary repairs if you choose to go with us. 

Click below to get started by requesting your free quote.


Battery Storage Installation

Battery storage offers energy backup in times of need such as black-outs, power surges, and even during peak hours with costly utility fees. Store your energy so you can live comfortably and save money. 


Evo Energy is certified in all battery brands and we will meet your needs. We will work with you and provide the storage you're looking for critical loads or full home back up. 

Whether you currently have a solar system and

want to add energy storage, or if you're installing a new solar system and would also like storage. Just request a free quote to get started.


 EV Charger Installation

If you are joining the millions of people transitioning to electric vehicles, Evo Energy is here to help outfit your home with your personal charging station

We offer Tesla certified chargers and all vehicle brand chargers. There is no need to waste time and money at public charging stations. As an added bonus, you will receive a free EV charger with your solar system installation.


If you have questions, click the chat tool to speak with a customer service representative. Get charging in no time by requesting your free quote. 

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